Viewing Deleted Videos in Youtube

You often come across in Youtube that “This video has been deleted”, but how much sense does this make? I mean how can the name of the video still be there if it has been deleted from the server? It is possible to call them directly using a nice script called delutube! The system for the end user is pretty straightforward. You supply a id of an youtube video that has been deleted and the site tries to pull it from youtube and display it in a viewer.

This also provides an aditional feature of letting you download the video too. It also recommends you the other videos which have been deleted by youtube admins. It might be considered as not surfer friendly in some countries but it should work fine in most.

So, if you ever come upon the dreaded “This video is no longer available” grab the id from the youtube page and try loading it with delutube. This does not work all the time, if it does not delutube displays a message in the download box saying so. Videos get probably deleted physically as well after a period of time.

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