Implementation of “Skype in the Classroom” – how it enhances connection between teachers and students

Skype is one of the best communicating tools found presently which enables to shorten distance between personal and professional aspects. With the help of it we are able to rely on VOIP calls with family, co-workers and colleagues. Skype is admired by teachers and learners who use it in the classroom and find it beneficial. This is the new directory of Skype called Skype in the Classroom.

It is a very worthy tool because teachers use it to show their students a wider world excluding the classroom boundary. Teachers also introduce experts, authors and guest instructors in the classroom who would have been unable to visit the school otherwise. Skype also enables students to enjoy virtual field trips due to their connection to places through video chats. This medium of communication even engages in learning foreign languages or cultural exchanges. Thus students stay connected with cities, states, countries or elsewhere of the world.

A directory for Educators with the help of Skype

Spokesperson, Jacqueline Botterill, mentioned that the company has been successful in launching the beta version of Skype in the classroom. This has been highly appreciated by most teachers.

The first step includes the creation of a directory of educators who use the VOIP service and want to connect their classrooms with others. Now, what they do is take the help of Facebook, Twitter or their personal and professional social networks to find other teachers to connect with. But Skype is here to give everyone a better and improved opportunity for them by providing with the necessary services and makes teachers more comfortable through video conferencing.

Skype can be used by signing up into one’s own Skype account even in the classroom. After that they can design their profiles according to their own likes, interests, specialties, grade level and location. The teachers also have access to a directory where they can search for other mates who can help them with questions, resources, tips and classroom visits.

The owner of Skype announces that their group is working on developing more and better applications and functioning of the software like Skype in the Classroom. Such as building of its search functionality (for example, now it lacks time zone filtering- a crucial factor for joining up of classrooms for video chats). They are also looking forward to improving their connection with developed speakers and by accessing with experts-authors, astronauts, politicians and various others who wish to Skype in the classroom. In all, Skype promises people all over the world to make their connectivity tool the best one possible.

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