How to put iPhone photos on Facebook?

Want to know how to upload photos from your iPhone to Facebook? It’s very easy and convinient. All you have to do is follow these simple few steps and you’ll be a mobile uploading pro in no time!

First, get yourself the latest version of the Facebook for iPhone app installed on your iPhone. The original version did not include functionality for uploading photos, so if you have an old version, this could be why you can’t figure out how to upload photos. Once you’ve downloaded the newest Facebook for iPhone app, be sure to delete any old versions you have, as this won’t be done automatically.

After opening the Facebook for iPhone app, tap the camera icon located at the top right of the screen. A window will ask you to choose how would you like to upload? Either you would want to take a picture now or choose from the existing photo library.

If you select ‘Choose Existing Photo’ you’ll be taken to a listing of your stored photo albums where you can choose a photo to upload. Once you select a photo you’ll have the chance to write a caption (or not), then tap the green ‘Upload’ button and the photo will be posted to your Facebook wall and automatically added to a ‘Mobile Uploads’ album on your Facebook ‘Photos’ tab.

If you select to take a photo now to upload, the camera function will be enabled and you can take (and retake) your photo then tap ‘Use Photo.’ From here you’ll follow the same steps as above to add a caption and post the photo.

This is it. Now you can upload mobile photos to Facebook, anytime anywhere!

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