How to eliminate “red eye” while taking pictures?

Often you see the pictures you have taken don’t seem to be as good as they look because of the red eye problem. Red-eye occurs when the camera flash reflects the blood vessels of the retina into the lens. Here are some ways to prevent and remove this devilish effect.

  1. Try to put distance between the camera’s lens and flash to reduce red-eye. If possible, hold the flash an arm’s length from the camera or point the flash toward a white surface, such as a wall, so the flash does not flood the subject’s eyes.
  2. If the flash is immobile, reduce the size of the subject’s pupils by turning on bright lights or by shining a bright light briefly in the person’s eyes prior to taking the picture. Make sure you are doing it right before you take the picture. Or else it might seem useless, flashing the light prior to taking the photo.
  3. Use the red-eye reduction feature available on many cameras. This feature constricts the pupils with a series of low-level flashes prior to taking the picture.
  4. Put tissue paper or a white filter over the flash to diffuse its brightness. The tissue paper shouldn’t come into direct contact with the hot flashbulb. Some camera shops sell flash diffusers so you can use those.

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3 Responses to "How to eliminate “red eye” while taking pictures?"

  1. tor baap says:

    really useful article. i m definitely bookmarking dis.

  2. good useful article but why go through all the trouble when you can simply use the red-eye correction option or mass edit all the picture afterwards?

  3. Asim says:

    y wud u want to mass edit them later if u can just take the photos correcting the red eye?
    nyways thnx for the comment man!

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