Apple users are finally satisfied with the revealing ceremony of the latest gadget

Apple users are finally satisfied with the revealing ceremony of their latest gadget. It’s been quite some time now that the users have been patiently waiting for the upcoming of this event.
After nearly a decade of rumors and speculations Apple© has unveiled its new sensation, the iPad. By taking a look at the photo of the device, you might take it to be a newly designed laptop, a highly configured palmtop or a mini sized p.c but it all sums up to be “the iPad”. With a thickness of just half an inch, weighing around 1.5 pounds it’s an easy to carry tablet that just fits in your carry on. It’s undoubtedly one ultimate portable device! says one of the viewers. Its comes with a 9.7 inch touch screen IPS LCD display, runs with a custom 1GHz Apple “A-4 chip”, with a 10 hour battery life and a month of standby. It comes in 16, 32 and 64 GB sizes, so it can meet the requirements of almost everyone.
The device is managed by iTunes, just like the iPhone or iPod where you sync everything in your Mac or Windows. A 30 pin dock connector, a dedicated speaker, a microphone, Bluetooth, 802.11n WiFi is its main features. Additional features include the connectivity of a keyboard, a camera attachment kit that allows you to import photos directly from your camera via USB or a SD reader.
It has direct download facility of you tube videos, along with applications such as the weather, the local stock exchange, a clock which can show time of unlimited number of cities, calculator and even google maps. So it can be turned into a GPS if necessary. Moreover, it can open all applications of an iPhone making it even useful.
The iPad was announced on the 27th of January, 2010 and an approximate date to go on sale would be at the end of March 2010. This would be the Wi-Fi version, and is going to be released worldwide and at the end of April, the Wi-Fi + 3G version, will be released in the United States and some other countries. International 3G prices are to be announced by summer 2010. The Wi-Fi + 3G iPad will be unlocked so it can be used on other mobile carriers that support GSM micro-SIMs. (Good news for tech fans) 3G will be provided in the U.S. by AT&T and sold with two prepaid contract-free data plan options. One will be for unlimited data and the other for a 250 MB subscription per month at half the price. The plans will be activated on the iPad itself and can be canceled at any time being so convenient.
Having such awesome features it cannot be denied that Apple will earn quite some revenue from this. A lot of people (including myself) have been waiting impatiently to get our hands on the iPad. It’s sure to become one of the most sold gadgets in a jiffy. Moreover its environmentally friendly which makes it even more to become the best selling gadget.

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